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Our Work so far

Chanagande Primary School - Kaloleni
In talking to the principal of the school, Margaret Ngale, several disturbing facts were revealed: The school has about 1450 children but no running water as the water-tank is broken and they have no funds for repair. There are 60-75 children per class, with some classrooms having no or just a few desks. The children (about 1000) who have afternoon lessons often remain hungry as most do not have the means to afford lunches. As a result, many are unable to concentrate on their academic. thumbnail
This year, with your help, we expect to complete: work to repair or replace the water tank, provide desks to complete at least 2 class rooms and provide lunch daily to the children of Chanagande.
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Changawme Artisan Community - Port Reitz - Mombasa
thumbnail Our first project started in 2014, in the artisan community of Changawme. This community's co-operatives rely on skilled hand-crafted products, and have suffered greatly as economic conditions have deteriorated due to the threat of terrorism which has affected tourism and trade. Our work in Changawme has primarily focused on providing the children of the community with meals and basic educational and activity support.
This year, with your help, we expect to serve over 35,000 meals and provide basic educational and activity support for the children of Changawme.
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